Instant Pot (IP-LUX60) Pressure Cooker Review

by Chef Alex on June 13, 2014

Do you feel you have too many kitchen appliances? Do you live in a small space and are looking to downgrade to one or two useful appliances? If you answered yes to those questions then the Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6 in 1 Programmable is the best pressure cooker invest in. This appliance is made to replace your pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and sauté pan. Why have all those appliances when you could just have one that functions the same as all those appliances.

Features of the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

This pot is made well with stainless steel and is built to be durable. It looks and operates similar to a slow cooker but it cooks like a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker heats up so hot that in a sealed environment pressure builds and cooks your food in a healthful way.

Pressure cookers are a wonderful tool because they cook food quickly and painlessly. The Instant Pot pressure cooker boasts of its ability to cook things two to six times faster than you would normally. This product is also energy efficient if you are looking to be environmentally friendly, it uses 70% less energy than conventional cooking methods this is due to the fact that you don’t have to heat up the stove or oven when cooking, you simply plug this appliance in and it does the work for you.

instant-pot-lux60The Instant Pot pressure cooker is also convenient and easy to use. There are twelve single key operating buttons which you push when you want to cook. The different categories that you can set the pot to cook at are: rice, multi-grain rice, sauté/browning, soup, poultry, meat and stew, beans, steaming, slow cook, keep warm, yogurt and porridge. Simply place your food in the Instant Pot, push one of the buttons and let the pot do the cooking. These buttons have been intellectually programmed based on thousands of experiments and the heat will cook your food precisely based on these experiments. Each of these functions can also be further to cook your food rare, normal or well done.

There is also a manual setting so that you can cook whatever food you please at whatever temperature and cooking time. When your food is fully cooked the automatic cooking time switches by itself to the keep warm setting. One customer said this, “It is quick, easy to use and less messy. I am able to come home from work and cook a meal that is done in an hour or less which helps keep me from eating right before bed. Operating the pot is easy, it has may useful presets and once you feel more comfortable with it the manual option can be used for anything.”

The Instant Pot pressure cooker can also be set so that the cooking can be delayed. You can get your food ready before you go out for the day and you program it to cook right before you come home and by the time you get home, your food will be ready for you to eat. This is not only convenient but also very easy to do. One customer said this, “Much, much, MUCH more convenient to use than the ‘manual’ type pressure cookers where you have to stand by until you hear the pressure has built up, then start the counter, then turn it off when it is done. This thing does everything on it’s own. Put the food in, set the desired cooking time, press start. Leave for work, come home and it is done (with stand-by heat so as to avoid spoilage).”

Cooking with a pressure cooker is a very healthy way to cook your food. With the best pressure cooker the original nutrients stay sealed inside the pot and those nutrients are infused into the food. The flavors also stay locked in your food and the food is not only delicious but tender as well.

With the Instant Pot pressure cooker there is no steam, smell or excess heat created during cooking. With a traditional pressure cooker it could be loud, and traditional pot emit a lot of steam during cooking, the Instant Pot does neither of those things. Another advantage is that it is cleaner to cook with the Instant Pot pressure cooker. There are no splatters or spills in the kitchen while cooking. Also this pot is dishwasher safe unlike your traditional stovetop pressure cookers.

Safety Features of the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

There are several safety features that make this pot not only save to cook with but also an appliance that you can trust. These safety features are:

  • Safety lid lock: keeps the lid shot while the cooker is pressurized and cooking.
  • Lid close detection monitor. Through a magnetic sensor, this monitor detects whether the lid is closed properly.
  • Pressure Regulator. Monitors the pressure and makes sure it does not exceed 15 psi.
  • Automatic pressure controller keeps the pressure in a safe range.
  • Excess Pressure protection gets rid of any excess pressure during cooking.
  • Automatic temperature control regulates the temperature that the food is cooked at.
  • The high temperature monitor prevents your food from burning
  • The electric current and temperature fuse cuts off the power if it exceeds the limit.

The Instant Pot pressure cooker is convenient and easy to use but many have commented that it may not stand the test of time. There were several customers that explained that after just one year of use the product would break down. When trying to choose the best pressure cooker it is important to buy one that lasts. Also many comment that it does not heat up high enough to cook your food as expected.


Although there may be flaws, this product is well made and priced reasonably at around $100. In conclusion this is one of the top pressure cooker to cook your food evenly and quickly. It is easy to use with its preset buttons. It also gives you the ability to create what you want if you choose to use the manual setting. The multiple safety features make it safe for you and anyone in your family to use.

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