Fagor Futuro Pressure Cooker Review

by Chef Alex on June 17, 2014

Fagor is a Spanish company that has been making kitchen appliances since 1956. If you enjoy hearty, nutritious meals that can be made within minutes, then take a look at the Fagor Futuro pressure cooker, which boasts up to 70 percent reduction in time and energy over traditional cooking methods. Pressure cookers are a popular kitchen appliance because of its ability to retain up to 50 percent more vitamins and minerals from fresh food since it cooks food fast using steam pressure. Since less fat and oil is used in pressure cooking, it’s also a healthy method of cooking for the health-conscious family. Simply open the pressure cooker, add the appropriate liquid and ingredients, close and lock up the lid, select a pressure setting, and let the pressure cooker do its job.

Overview of the Fagor Futuro Pressure Cooker

fagor-futuro-pressure-cookerThe Fagor Futuro pressure cooker comes in 4, 6 and 10-quart sizes. Today we will look at the 4-quart size because this size isn’t as common among some of the other pressure cookers, which tends to cater to bigger families. The 4-quart is ideal for a family of 2 to 4 people. If you have a larger family then you may want to look at the 6-quart. If you cook for parties and other gatherings often, the 10-quart would be best.

The 4-quart Fagor Futuro is one of the best pressure cookers in its class and price range. It costs about $120 for the 4-quart and $140 for the 6-quart. It is constructed with 18/10 stainless steel and comes with two short handles for easy storage, perfect for the small family household in terms of saving storage space. Many have commented that the short handles are one of the Fagor Futuro’s best selling points. They like the functionality and design. The pressure cooker pot is dishwasher safe, however it is a good rule of thumb to hand wash when possible to minimize the damage done to the pressure cooker and extend its lifetime.

The Fagor Futuro pressure cooker is safe to use. It has a valve safety systems plus lock handle that ensures the lid is not opened until all the pressure has been released from the cooker. Check the pressure indicator on the handle to see when all the pressure has been released. The product comes with a “Tastefully Under Pressure” cookbook with over 90 recipes, so if you’re not adept at making meals using a pressure cooker this is a good resource to have.

Works on All Stovetops

The best part about this pressure cooker is it works on all types of domestic stovetops. Some pressure cookers, because of its weight, size, and material, do not work on flat stove tops. However, the Fagor Futuro pressure cooker works on gas, electric, ceramic and induction. There are two pressure settings: low (8psi) and high (15psi). Most recipes call for 15 psi. Despite being one of the smaller pressure cookers, the Fagor Futuro pressure cooker is everything that a small family would need to make pressure cooker meals. One customer said, “So far I used 4 different brands of pressure cookers in 40 years, including an extremely expensive WMF. Fagor pressure cooker is the fastest and the easiest to handle of all.” Since the size is small, it’s also perfect to take to the cottage or camping.

A Word of Caution

Fagor, like many European companies, have been struggling since the financial crisis, and in November 2013, the parent company Fagor Electrodomecticos declared bankruptcy. Fagor America indicated that it will honor its warranty and spare parts if you buy one of the remaining pressure cookers. So in case you run into any problems with the cooker you shouldn’t have any problems to find customer service support. But that also means you may have a harder time trying to find the product itself. At the time of writing this article, it wouldn’t be too hard to pick one up on sale at one of their retailers.


When it comes to the best pressure cooker for a small family of 2-4, the Fagor Futuro 4-quart pressure cooker is the one to pick. It’s an affordable $120 option too. For a reliable and affordable pressure cooker, pick the Fagor Futuro if you can find it. You can find Fagor Futuro pressure cookers on Amazon.com at the moment.

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